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We introduce into Swizerland Pamasol and KP-Arofil auto filling equipments, which can fill all kinds of aerosol products within 20-65mm diameter, 60-300mm height aerosol can. Annual production capability is 50milion cans for personal care, home care , car care aerosol products etc.

Aerosols are an efficient, safe and useful invention. Without the production and manufacture of aerosols, many of the necessary and fairly useful products that we now have would not be available to us. Aerosol products do have many benefits as long as we use them correctly and carefully.

Aerosol products have many health and safety benefits. Some aerosol products are made strictly for safety and protection purposes, such as the safety air horn, which makes a very loud noise and is often used as a siren to warn large groups of people of an emergency. Some people carry air horns with them when hiking in case they need to call for help. Aerosols are also widely used for safety in self-defense situations. For example, mace or pepper spray are carried by many people to protect them in case of danger.

Aerosol products have heretically sealed containers so the contents cannot leak, and they are also fully recyclable. More benefits and information on aerosol safety The Australian Aerosol Association developed what they call Aerosol Advantages to describe how aerosol products are advancing many industries and show us how they can benefit our daily lives . Be sure not to overlook the many benefits of aerosol products!

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