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Thanks to the efforts of our employees including technicians and designers, SHANGHAI HAOHAI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD is able to introduce our .Integral Skin Foam Aerosol Polyurethane Foam to the public. Technology is usually adopted for the design and manufacturing of the product.With regard to its serviceability and practicality,Integral Skin Foam Aerosol Polyurethane Foam can be commonly seen in the field(s) of Adhesives & Sealants. SHANGHAI HAOHAI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD always stick to the market-oriented business philosophy and regard 'honesty & sincerity' as the enterprise tenet. We are trying to establish a sound distribution network and aim to provide customers all over the world with the best services.

Place of Origin:Shanghai, ChinaMain Raw Material:POLYURETHANE
Usage:ConstructionBrand Name:Haohai


Product Name:

PU foam, PU adhesive, PU sealant, PU insulation
Material: Polyurethane
Size: 750ml / 500ml / 300ml
Packing: 12 or 15 cans per carton
 Storage Life: 12 months when stored at 20°C

Haohai Chemical :                                                                                                                     

Integral Skin Foam Aerosol Polyurethane Foam

Integral Skin Foam Aerosol Polyurethane Foam

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Integral Skin Foam Aerosol Polyurethane Foam

Key Technical Indices:                                                                                  

Behavior: Stable foam, CFC free
Density: ≥10kg/m3
Max. Yield rate: 60 times
Elongation at Break: 8 - 20%
Shear Strength: 22 - 50kPa 
Compression Strength: 35 - 100kPa at 10% compression  
Water Permeability: Impermeable
Thermo Conductivity: ≤0.050(35°C)
Surface curing time: ≤ 15  min
 Yield Per 100ml: 5 - 6L 
 Temperature Tolerance Range: -40°C~+100°C

Guide For Use:                                                                                              

1. It can be applied to damp surfaces.


2. OCF is moisture curing.The more moisture, the quicker the cure.


3. It must be protected from Uvin External application to prevent

    discoloration and deterioration of the foam.


4. Conventional paints can be applied to the foam.


5. In can be used in temperature range of 5-40°C,if in low temperature condition,

    we suggest that it should be placed in 25-30°C circumstance for 30 minutes to

    ensure the better performance.


6. Uncured foam can be removed with solvent. But after cure,

    foam can only be removed mechanically.

    Uncured foam sticks to hands and clothing.

Integral Skin Foam Aerosol Polyurethane Foam

Integral Skin Foam Aerosol Polyurethane Foam

Product Features:                                                                                         

Fast filling

One component foaming fill, convenience, easiness, efficiency, and reduced labor are promised in application.

High filling degree

After polyurethane prepolymer is ejected, its volume increases rapidly, filling the hole to its extreme depth and ensuring high filling degree.
Good cohesive force

Thanks to multiple carbamate radicals contained, polyurethane foam can tightly adhere to cement mortar and PVC plate, ensuring that the wind pressure to the window frame is evenly distributed among the four walls of the opening, instead of being withstood exclusively by spanker bolts on several fixed plates.

No side-effcet

When filling and foaming, excessive foam will flow out, without causing deformation of the window frame.

High sealing performance

Ultimately, polyurethane foam will constitute a half rigid closed cell material that blocks air flow, insulates sound waves, and resists shock.

Easiness in finishing

As the foam cures, the protruding part can be cut and trimmed by a cutter easily.

Surface painting

As the foam cures, brushing the surface with coatings and emulsion paints can prevent aging due to exposure to ultraviolet.

Long service life

Properly painted open-air PU foam will not be prone to aging, giving a service life up to 50 years.

Self-extinguishing performance Flames on PU Foam will be automatically extinguished, showing compliance with the DIN 4102-B2 requirements.
Wide applicability  

Curde foam can put up with temperature -30°C—— 100°C,with resistance against solvent, acid, and alkali.


Environment-friendliness&energy conservation CFC free foam does not harm the atmospheric ozone layer. Besides, the cured foam causes no hazards to human and the high sealing performance ensures reduced loss of energy.
No corrosion

The foam has no corrosive effect on the window frame material.


Integral Skin Foam Aerosol Polyurethane Foam

Project Case - Shanghai World Expo 2010                                              

Integral Skin Foam Aerosol Polyurethane Foam

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